Jennette McCurdy’s Photos Leak, Who’s Responsible For It?

jennettemccurdylingerie01640x505After the iCarly Disney … I mean uh, Nickelodean [my badd], star publicly shamed an NBA player that she used to date, some semi nude selfies have appeared online. Jennette McCurdy’s attempted-to-be-sexy selfies have been the center of a lot of jokes since last week. She has insinuated that there is only one person who could have leaked the pics… see the pics below and try to guess who. Maybe she’s telling the truth or… a weak publicity stunt? jeanette_mccurdy_lingerie




Kaitlin Pearson – Elementary School Teacher Suspended For Posing Nude [Pics]

Sexy teacher too hot for school: Photos get assistant banned

Kaitlin Pearson 1

So here’s the short version: An elementary school assistant teacher named Kaitlin Pearson is in the headlines. Kaitlin (who also goes by Kaity) is a part time model. She has a plethora of modeling photos posted online. I found a few on a facebook page and alot more on Kaity’s Instagram profile.

According to information on her IG profile she has already been featured in quite a few publications: Flava Girl (8 page feature) – Models Mania (9 page shared feature plus cover) – Glam Jam (8 page feature) – Glam Modelz (4 page feature plus cover)By all means, feel free to leave here right now and browse these pages. Lol.


Kaitlin Pearson 27

There are somewhat conflicting reports ranging from the school teacher being banned to her being suspended pending an investigation. For those interested in the details continue reading:

Hot photo shoot gets sexy teacher’s assistant suspended: Kaitlin Pearson, a cherubic, girl-next-door 23-year-old is a teacher’s assistant employed in the special needs department at South Street Elementary school in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. That is to say she was until she was put on leave after an anonymous tipster alerted them to modelling photos deemed inappropriate by the school administrators.

Pearson appears in dozens of images on her Facebook page. The reports that photos apparrently published in “ModelsMania Magazine — which named her its model of the year — are ‘elegant implied nudes’ with only her hands covering her nipples and her legs strategically placed to cover other sensitive areas. She is also seen posing with other nude women.”

The administration has placed her on paid leave to “ensure student safety.” [Source]




Pics of Cute Girl Who Likes To Travel and Get Undressed In Front Of Cameras…

I know I haven’t really been posting in a while. It’s because I haven’t really been too impressed.

So the last couple weeks I’ve been bumping into pics of this chic Katee Owen. She has her own website and what appears to be a strong following. After a little browsing I can see why she is popular. She’s got the innocent girl thing down to a tee. She does a fun,happy kind of soft porn thing. She’s cute as shyt. I even found a blog page dedicated to some of her best gifs. Wanna see it? Here it go:

walking gifJust click the chic to see the pics.

Nikki Delano Talks About Sleeping With Over 150 Porn Stars

Nikki Delano 1Nikki Delano 2Nikki Delano 3Nikki Delano says that she slept with around 150 men during her porn career and has slept with an additional 50 men off camera. The crazy thing is… [and I know you don’t believe me but] I’m not really into porno flicks. I like the nude pics but that’s about it. I think that that may change soon though. There’s something about her confidence that makes me curious.

AP.9 Snitches On Coco. Admits They Had Sex. Says That She Threw Him “Under The Bus”

Back in December, Coco publicly upset her husband Ice-T by appearing in questionable pictures with rapper AP.9. Despite Ice’s anger, Coco insisted that the pictures, while in poor taste, were sincerely innocent.

During a recent interview, however, AP.9 had a different story to tell. According to him, the couple had a prolonged sexual affair. AP even says Star Magazine had him take a lie detector test before he revealed the affair to them, which he passed with flying colors.


AP.9 Reveals The Whole Story Behind Affair With Coco

Coco Hotel Room 1


Coco Supposedly Made A Sextape With This Dude

Some rapper I never heard of named AP.9 is supposed to be shopping around a sex tape with Coco Austin for $100,000. So far pictures with Ice-T’s wife Coco and this dude all hugged up have been circulatin’ on the net. In December photos of the two hugging, kissing on each other started popping up. Then all of a sudden a picture of AP grabbing the reality star’s butt emerged.

Now the blogs say: AP.9 is even saying that the two had unprotected sex.”We had sex unprotected,” he told Star Magazine. “I really hope she isn’t pregnant!”

cocoRapperAP.9I’ll post more when I know more. Coco been try’na pull a decent publicity stunt for a while. This may be it, if they do it right.