Nikki Delano Talks About Sleeping With Over 150 Porn Stars

Nikki Delano 1Nikki Delano 2Nikki Delano 3Nikki Delano says that she slept with around 150 men during her porn career and has slept with an additional 50 men off camera. The crazy thing is… [and I know you don’t believe me but] I’m not really into porno flicks. I like the nude pics but that’s about it. I think that that may change soon though. There’s something about her confidence that makes me curious.

AP.9 Snitches On Coco. Admits They Had Sex. Says That She Threw Him “Under The Bus”

Back in December, Coco publicly upset her husband Ice-T by appearing in questionable pictures with rapper AP.9. Despite Ice’s anger, Coco insisted that the pictures, while in poor taste, were sincerely innocent.

During a recent interview, however, AP.9 had a different story to tell. According to him, the couple had a prolonged sexual affair. AP even says Star Magazine had him take a lie detector test before he revealed the affair to them, which he passed with flying colors.


AP.9 Reveals The Whole Story Behind Affair With Coco

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