Reality Star Has Naked Pics Leak. What Else Is New?

jenelle-evans-before-surgery-topless-pic-01-600x450I just started hearing about this girl Jenelle Evans but apparently she was a teen mom who was kind’a popular due to a reality show and got turned out by he r manager.  Now he’s postin her naked pics on twitter:

jenelle-evans-twitter-02“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is no stranger to drama, as over the years she’s had to deal with relationship issues, child issues, and drug and legal issues, just to start. Now, it would seem, her former boss is intent on rekindling her nude photo scandal.James Duffy took to Twitter on Tuesday night and re-posted a nude photo of Evans that originally leaked last year (go here if you really want to see it), with the classy commentary, “Jenelle, I didn’t have to pay you for sex, you did that free for daddy.”

The reality star responded to a fan commenting on the drama, saying “It’s getting kinda old, I mean that’s all the ammo he’s got?!” Jenelle and James have been going back and forth for months, ever since Jenelle called him a conman, among other things, in a blog post.

Sometime last year this chic had breast surgery and took some pre and post op pics too. Those ended up online somehow. You can see those here and here. I think that others on twitter leaked a few more photos as well but it’s been a couple days since I first heard the story and now some of the links are gone.

Source:,,google searches n’ all

Nicki Minaj Discusses Sex Positions with Angela Yee

I watched a Power 105.1 interview today in which Nicki Minaj said that she liked Angela Yee better when she was ratchet. I knew Yee had some nasty tendencies based on her journalistic tastes from time to time [but she carries herself well on camera]. My curiousity being peaked I dug around a lil bit and found this.

My favorite part is when she says “music can’t eat your pussy”…NICE

I gotta do a photoblog on Yee on of these days as I KNOW that i aint the only one attracted to Yee [despite the ratchetness].

Justin Bieber Gets Molested By 40-Year Old Ex Playboy Model

Jenny McCarthy: “I wanted to tear his head off and eat it”

In cased you missed it; Justin Bieber [Americas favorite overrated kid] got violated onstage by ex playboy bunny  Jenny McCarthy [who turned 40 on Nevember 1st]. In the video below McCarthy explains why she aggressively violated uh…kissed & grabbed J-Beezy onstage at the AMA’s.

I don’t know why but Jenny’s face looks so familiar to me…hmm… well anyway after the ole google search I found out:
In 1998, McCarthy’s first major movie role was alongside Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the comedy BASEketball. The following year, she starred in Diamonds, a movie which was directed by her then-husband John Mallory Asher. In 2000, she had a role in the horror movie Scream 3, and three years later she parodied that role in horror film spoof Scary Movie 3 along with fellow Playmate and actress Pamela Anderson. In 2005, McCarthy produced, wrote, and starred in the movie Dirty Love, where she was again directed by her husband at the time, John Asher. In March 2006, she was given Razzie Awards for “Worst Actress”, “Worst Screenplay”, and “Worst Picture” for her work on Dirty Love, which also earned Asher a Razzie for “Worst Director.”

Okay,okay,okay, so it makes sense that I seen her face somewhere.


She says “He was just so delicious. I wanted to tear his head off & eat it”

Justin Bieber Ass Grab at American Music Awars by Jenny McCarthy


Jenny McCarthy Defends Bieber Grab at the AMAs

Jenny McCarthy: “I wanted to tear his head off and eat it”

A few words come to mind



Attention whore publicity stunt specialist