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Sinanaja says Kris Jenner Directed Kim’s Sex Tape

Myla Sinanaja is now Kris Humphries’ exgirlfriend.  Humphries[though Kris is still married to Kim K] has reportedly told his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaja a lot of dirt about the Kardashian clan. The biggest and most damaging claim is that Kim’s mother Kris Jenner staged Kim’s 2003 sex tape with Ray J.

Sources told TMZ that Sinanaj claims that Kris Jenner not only directed Kim to shoot her sex tape, but to re-shoot because Kris J didn’t think the first one was “pretty enough.” Talk about being calculated…

When questioned about the latest accusation Khloe Kardashian responded: “That is just disgusting and disturbing, and probably his fantasy,” she said.
I didn’t examine these pictures that closely at first…I think there’s a Kim look alike in there…

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